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Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

Welp, it’s officially January of 2016. Is that crazy or what?? I can’t even believe it’s already the new year! I have so many big changes happening this year, I am both excited and nervous! With Christmas only a few days behind us, I wanted to share a review on one of my favorite beauty products I received for Christmas. I picked out myself, but it was purchased for me from my dad (thanks dad!). this gift is the Lorac Love, Lust & Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set!

LORAC Love, Lust, Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

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Stay Motivated to Workout All Year Long

Tips to Keep you Motivated in Your Workout SlumpNew Year’s has come and past. You havemade your resolutions. Now it is time to face them. How are you going to achieve your goals in the next year? How are you going to stay on the right track and not fall of the path? For this specific post, I am going to focus on working out, but these tips can work for any goal you have. So, how are you going to stay motivated to workout in the tough times? Trust me, I have been there. The dread of making it outside (especially in the dead of winter) and getting your sore behind to the gym or for an outdoor run. It’s so easy to say you’ll do it tomorrow, and I still do that, but I’m working on it and here are the best ways to stay motivated to workout always. Continue reading Stay Motivated to Workout All Year Long


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and Hello 2016! I hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and I wish you all the best 2016. As many of you may know, I started my blog just about 5 months ago! I lost track of it for a little bit, but I’m excited to be back!

Blog in Review

Jetpack did this awesome thing this year where they did a blog review. If you want to see mine, you can check it out here.

I want to give a shout out to Seersucker Sass, Jae, Jordyn, Jenny, and Chronicles of Home for being my top commenters. Every single piece of support I get really means a lot and encourages me to keep blogging!

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Influenster – Degree & Slimfast

Do you like to try things for free?? If you do, which I would say you most likely do, you should check out Influenster. Influenster is a website that anyone can sign up for and answer questions, submit reviews, and more to receive items completely free. It’s a great way for brands to get their products out there, and for consumers to learn about some awesome products! Sign up today to start receiving awesome products!

Influenster Boxes

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Life Update – I got a job!

Holy canoli, it’s been a long time since I’ve written…and I miss it! The last half of the semester got the best of me BIG time. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this winter and stick with them in the spring semester. It should hopefully be a much better semester! With that being said I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season thus far! I know I have greatly enjoyed my time with friends and family! I also have big and exciting news!

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Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race

Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks (midterms and traveling), so I haven’t had the opportunity to post as much as I would like. Sorry about that! I do want to tell you about my adventures this past weekend though! I went to St. Louis and ran a half-marathon (ran being a very subjective term). We ran the Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race and it was a ton of fun and a really great weekend with my friend Sam.

Untitled design (1)

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Fall Favorites Tag

One of my favorite Youtubers is Jaclyn Hill. She is so entertaining, goofy, crazy, spunky….the list goes on! Recently she did a Fall Favorites Tag and it looked like so much fun! I haven’t seen “tags” in the blogging world as of yet (correct me if I’m wrong) so I thought that I’d give bring the Fall Favorites tag to the blogosphere. If you want to see Jaclyn’s original video, you can see that here, otherwise, let’s get started!

The Fall Favorites Tag

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Tips to Stay Safe at Night

Recently my boyfriend got mugged walking home at 9:00pm. YES, only 9:00 at night! They elbowed him in the face, kicked him a few times, and took his backpack. Thank goodness he is fine and not beaten up too badly, but what a scary thing to happen only a block away from where I lived. After this event I started thinking more about my safety at night and wanted to share some tips with you to stay safe while getting home at night.

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Mini Drugstore Makeup Haul!

On Monday, I turned 22! Woo! {Insert Taylor Swift song here} Unfortunately, I was sick and will be celebrating my birthday this weekend instead (and of course will tell you all about it!) I did however go to Walgreen’s to pick up some make-up (what else??) as a small little birthday gift to me! I decided to show you guys what I got in this haul post! If you want an in depth review of anything, let me know! Note: This is NOT sponsored. These products were all purchased myself and all opinions are my own.

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